The Difference

Dennis Ott Builders puts quality ahead of quantity, they seldom build more than 12 homes per year. Jason and Dennis find more value in providing exquisite workmanship and unique designs that consistently result in customer satisfaction.

Attention to Details

Customer Partnership: More often than not, Jason and Dennis are found on the job site and welcome their customers to do so as well, to ask plenty of questions and to fine tune their house throughout construction. By taking this hands on approach, Dennis Ott Builders provides customers with a truly collaborative experience during the building process, which often leads to great relationships and friendships.

Strive for Excellence: Dennis Ott Builders will build a home extremely well or not at all. From start to finish Jason and Dennis take pride in their craft, keeping their job sites spotless in order for the process to move along smoothly. You’ll sense the difference the minute you step inside a Dennis Ott home. From foundation to finish work, you’ll share a sense of excellence even if you don’t know a two-by-four from a framing square. Top-quality materials, virtually unlimited choices, innovative designs and a well-defined sense of style are hallmarks of a Dennis Ott Builders home.

City’s Best Carpentry: When building with Dennis Ott Builders, rest assure that you’ll have one of Cincinnati’s best carpenter crews designing, crafting and assembling your home. Carpenter, Dave Holscher, has worked exclusively with Dennis Ott Builders for the past 40 years and was personally mentored by Dennis Ott himself to become the master craftsman that he is today.

Industry Relationships: Since 1939, Dennis Ott Builders has established solid relationships with the area’s finest vendors and subcontractors. Both Jason and Dennis work closely with each subcontractor and have developed a close-knit team that is able to build the highest quality custom home in the most efficient manner.

Interior Designer on Hand: Dennis Ott Builders also provides its customers with their very own selection suite, located at 1271 Fairview Ln., which contains virtually all the resources needed to add the finishing touches to both the interior and exterior of a home. There, the Dennis Ott Builders’ professional interior designer and selections coordinator, Amy Bernard, will assist you in making selections that reflect your personal taste and style.  Amy received her Interior Design degree from Ohio State University and is a current Allied member of American Society of Interior Designers. Her 20 years of experience and tasteful suggestions will guide you through the decorating process every step of the way.

Build on Your Own Lot: Dennis Ott Builders is happy to build one of their custom homes on your own lot. Just bring in your hopes, dreams, sketches, plans and lot layout. This is the first step in turning a dream home into an affordable reality.

Remodeling and Renovations: Dennis Ott Builders is also available for strictly remodeling and renovation work. Whether it be finishing your lower level or redesigning an entire room or portion of your home, Jason and Dennis welcome this kind of project and make updating your home an enjoyable and achievable task.

Selling a Dennis Ott Builders Home: If you think you’ll be happy when you build a Dennis Ott home, just check with some people who have sold one. When a Dennis Ott Builders’ house goes on the market, real estate listings almost always note that the home was built by Dennis Ott Builders, which consistently helps to ensure peak buyer interest and resale value.

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